Shaka'a chama levein harim
Vekochav zarach mima'al
Rachuv al sus yavo Sha'ul
Vayisov al pi hasha'ar
Uveachad mehabatim or panas zarach lefeta
Ki bo tagur eshet ha'ov beatzmo nitzav bafetach.

Sach hamelech laisha Vesha'al ota lishma
Ba'alat ha'ov ani Ma eksom lecha malki

Betoch hacheder hakatan, bapina hakalachat
Uvetimrot ha'ashan hu chaza bearemat hashachat
Vekol chazak nishma pit'om anochi hu Shmuel
Velama ze ba'ata halom,
ki sar mimcha ha'el.

Sach hamelech laisha vesha'al ota lishma
Ba'alat ha'ov ani ma eksom lecah malki

Ha'ri vehu haroe ki hael bagad veazavani
Lo bachalomot velo baurim sha'alti velo anani.

Et henetza hachama shav Shaul lemachanehu
Ayef milel ha'ashmura pachad umora chash hu
Zachar hamelech alumav et rechot ha'adanim
Vetachat tzel etz haela yacharoz shirey roim

Sach hamelech...

The sun set among the mountains
and the stars are shining up above
On a horse came King Saul
and went in through the gate.
In one of the houses he saw a light,
this is where the necromancer lives.

The king spoke to the woman and asked her name
"What magic would you like me to do for you"? she asked.

In the little room he saw the cauldron with smoke coming out of it.
Suddenly he heard a strong voice: "I am the prophet Samuel"
"Did you come here because God left you"?
"God left me, I tried to seek his answer in my dreams
but there was no . answer"

The king spoke to the woman and asked her name
"What magic would you like me to do for you"? she asked.

When the sun rose again king Soul went back to his camp,
Tired from a sleepless night, and felt a fear.
He remembered his youth, the fragrances' smell
And when he wrote poems under the Pistacia tree.



MUSIC Nadav Medina
SINGER Haparvarim



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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