Kineret Kineret

Elayich nimshechet kol nefesh me'az

Kol kesem moledet memayich

Yafiku balayla ke'raz


Sodot hayamim shenagozu

Beretet hagal hashalev

Velach kol banayich yachrozu

Metav mangina shebalev


Kineret Kineret Kineret

Ziv kesem bechol hamidbar

Itach min hanof ne'ekeret

Tziporen haye'ush ha'achzar


Ki rav od, ki rav od ha'yega

Bisdot hasharav halochech

Rak ko'ach achlifa, rak rega

Anu'ach vehalha elech


Baderech hazot, o acheret

Ve'im ekashel lizmanim

Elayich, elayich Kineret

Avo lechadesh alumim


Batohu dmama hasoreret

Tamid kri'ati terachef

Kineret Kineret Kineret

Amtzi et haben ha'ayef

Kineret, Kineret

Every soul is drawn to you ever since,

Your water will send forth as a secret at night

The magic of your homeland

Secrets of days that have faded

With the trembling of the peaceful wave

And all your sons will write poetry for you

The best melody that is in the heart.

Kineret Kineret Kineret

A glow of magic in the desert-sand

The carnation of cruel despair

Is uprooted from the scenery with you

For the tiredness is still there aplenty

In the fields where the heat scorches all

Let me gather more strength, let me but rest

One moment, and then go on.

On this path, or another

And if at times I fail

To thee to thee, Kineret

I shall come to renew my youth.


My cry will always hover

In the chaos where silence dwells

Kineret Kineret Kineret

Embrace your tired son.


Words in Hebrew


Alexander Pen


Mordechai Zeira

SINGERS Ronit Ophir
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Moshiko Halevy  1984

Links sent in by Malka Tischler of New York, USA

Translation by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
with assistance from staff of Bialik College, Melbourne, Australia:
Gilah Levinson, Bella Manor, Miriam Moller and Shai Klapper

Special thanks to Associate Professor Ziva Shavitsky
Director The University of Melbourne Centre for Jewish History and Culture

Spanish translation by Daniela Roitstein of Melbourne, Australia
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Spanish translation


Hacia ti atraes todas las almas

desde entonces

Tus aguas extraerán de noche

toda la magia de la patria,

en secreto


Secretos de los días que han pasado

Con el temblor de la ola tranquila

Y para ti compondrán tus hijos

La mejor melodía del corazón


Kineret, Kineret, Kineret

Un brillo mágico en la arena - el desierto

Contigo desde el paisaje es arrancado

un clavel - la desesperación del cruel


Porque es grande aún el cansancio

En los campos en donde sopla el sharav *

Un poco de fuerzas reuniré, esperen

Descansaré y seguiré mi camino


Por éste u otro camino

Y aún si fracaso, a veces,

Hacia ti, hacia ti, Kineret

vendré a renovar mi juventud


En el caos del silencio

siempre mi grito flotará

Kineret, Kineret, Kineret

Acobija a tu hijo cansado




*viento caliente y seco del desierto

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