Halaila bah koreh bishmeinu
Korei lecha, korei gam li.
Halaila ba korei lishneinu
Lashuv eilav shuv ohavim.
Lashuv eilav mimilchamot
Umik'ravot ein sof.
Vele'ehov, vele'ehov od.

Ata to'eh bein heharim
Eincha makir et darkecha.
Uvag'vohim hamal'achim
Sharim shir ahava lecha.
Shuv eilai im hamadim
El toch hasheket kan.
Ki rak itcha, verak itcha tov.

Laila, lirkod itcha kawl halaila
Lirkod itcha betoch laila
U've'einecha litzlol...

Ve'im tipol velo tuchal kum
Ani itcha bin'filatcha.
Ve'im mikawl shesovevucha
Lo timtza ish letzidcha.
K'ra eilai, ani shelcha
Bezohar hatikvot.
Kmo ham'tikut shel chom libcha hatov.

Night comes, it calls out our names
Calls to you, calls also to me.
Night comes, calls to the two of us
To return to it, lovers again.
To return to it from wars
And from endless battles.
And to love, to love again.

You wander among the mountains
You don't know your way.
And in the heights the angels
Sing a song of love to you.
Return to me, in uniform
Into the peace and silence here.
Because only with you, and only with you,
are things good.

Night - to dance with you all night
To dance with you into the night
And to sink into your eyes..

And if you fall and can't get up
I am with you as you fall.
And if, among all that surround you
No one stands by your side.
Call out to me, I am yours
With the radiance of hope.
Just like the sweetness, of the warmth
of your good heart.


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WORDS: Bezalel Aloni
MUSIC Henri Bratter
SINGER Ofra Haza
CD Double CD: Chai/Bayit Cham   Track 17
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Words transliterated and translated by
Malka Tischler of New York

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