At yafati shelimadt oti ech le'ehov itach
nishmati lamadti lo lid'og
ki at rak sheli hatschok uvache'ev avar
itach yesh machar ki ha'etmol avar.

Ve'im telchi velo tavoi
ani evke
ani etsrach hitahavti
az al telchi
hishari iti le'ad
lo uchal
hitahavti, hitragalti
elaich kol kach.

Bechol hadrachim
shebahem avarti poh vasham
ein milvadech
ein domeh lach ba'olam
ki etslech ban'shamah
hayofi hu bilti nigmar
ve'itach yad beyad
ertseh ad sof chayay.
You're my beauty that taught me how to love with you
my soul I learned not to worry
because you are only mine in laughter the pain passes,
with you there's a tomorrow, for yesterday passed.

And if you go and don't come
I will cry
I will scream I fell in love
so don't go
stay with me forever
I won't be able to
I fell in love, I got used
to you so much.

All the roads
that I passed here and there
there's none
like you in the world
because with you, inside the soul
the beauty is never ending,
and with you hand in hand
I'll want till the end of my life.



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yehudah Masas
MUSIC Yehudah Masas
SINGER Shlomi Shabat
CD Love Time   Track 13



Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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