Shalachta elai et hao'ach,
Lehaireni mishenah,
Limadta oto litsvoach,
Milot ahavah utchinah -
Aval ani lo avo, lo avo, lo avo !

Shilachta bi et reyach
Heatsot veet halvanah,
Tsivita al hayam leaneach
Bekol ahavah utchina -
Aval ani lo avo, lo avo, lo avo !

Nashku hagalim et raglai,
Et shulei simlati halvanah.
Bekolech amru li : "Boi elai"
Va'ani chazarti el beiti,

Sagarti et dalti,
Bekol ahavah utchinah.
Chaloni mugaf,
Libi yashen, ani yeshenah.

You sent the owl to me
To shatter my repose
You taught him well to
Cry out words of love in pleading prose
But I will not come
I will not,
I will not
You've plagued me with the bitter scent of
Seaweed and the moon
You've made the ocean heave and sigh
In a lovers swoon
But I will not come
I will not,
I will not

The waves have kissed my feet
The hem of my snowy-white dress
In your voice they said to me
Come with a lover's caress

But I returned unto my rooms
Closed the door
Shut the window tight
My heart is asleep
I am asleep

LYRICS Leah Goldberg
SINGER Noa (Achinoam Nini)

The words to this song were sent in by
Emilia Galindo of Barcelona, Spain.

To contact Emilia directly  click here

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