Ani sheshatakti
lo amarti milah
mashlim et hamilim hachaserot
milah achar milah
chashavti acheret
lechan o lechan
milah shenishmeret
tichtav be'oto mishpash eiman.

Va'ani rotzeh lalechet lemakom acher
rotzeh lalechet, rotze ledaber
velashir et hashir
shemesamel et hapreidah hazeh
ad shehadim'ah te'alem.

Achshav hakol acheret
achshav hakol shoneh
mashlim od milah shemitcharezet
hadaf kvar mal'e
menaseh lehashlim
et oto hamishpat
shenichtav le'at
kmo tza'ad beshachmat.

Va'ani rotzeh lalechet...


I'm one that kept quiet
I didn't say a word
I complete the missing words
word after word
I thought differently
to here or here
word that is kept
dictated in the same practiced sentence.

And I want to go to another place
I want to go, to talk
and to sing the song
that symbolizes this separation
until the teardrop disappears.

Now everything's different
Now everything's changed
I complete another word that rhymes
the page is already full
I try to complete
the same sentence
written slowly
like a step in chess.

And I want to go...

Hebrew words

LYRIC Shai Gabso
MUSIC Shai Gabso
Shai Gabso

Words transliterated and transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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