Tz'rif me'etz al sfat hamayim
chol zahav shazur bamelach
shnei sartanim kvedim
yotz'im bemachol
kadimah hatzidah
ve'at mosifah od kav bamik'chol
ulai zeh yikreh lach
beit kafeh be'atzlataim
shnei gvarim leyad hapetach
kubiot mazal
rak sheyatza li kaful
dofek al halu'ach
ve'at mosifah katzeh shel chiyuch
lazeh sheyenatze'ach
ulai zeh yikreh lach
kachah mimul at yotz'et letiyul
shachor al lavan metzayeret tzi'ur
matok sheyikreh lach
matok sheyikreh lach
ananim yerdu beintaim
ve'at krovah elai kmo kerach
shnei k'lavim sh'chorim nitpalim lechatul
ve'at n'mesah el hachaim shemimul
ulai zeh yikrehlach, sheyikreh lach.


Wooden shack on the waterbanks
golden sand interacting with salt
two heavy crabs
go out in a dance
forward sideways
and you add another line with the paintbrush
maybe it will happen for you,
coffee house in "Sloth"
two men near the entrance
lucky dice
if only it would roll a double
knocking on the board
and you add the edge of a smile
to whoever will win
maybe it will happen for you,
thus in the opposite direction
you go out to travel
white on black you draw a picture
the sweet that will happen to you (x2)
the clouds go down in the meantime
and you're close to me like ice
two black dogs cling to a cat
and you melt to the opposite life
maybe it will happen for you (x2)

Hebrew words

LYRIC Berry Sakharof And Dan Touran
MUSIC Berry Sakharof
Berry Sakharof
CD Negiot - Track 5

Words translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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