Bein ananim ra'iti
Otcha berosh muram.
Verak otcha ratziti
Otcha li mikulam.
Amitz, gei'eh velo pachdan.
Nilcham ba'esh uve'ashan.

Flash Gordon, Flash
Sipur nifla mamash.
Ata mafsid - ani bocha.
Ata mamri - ani s'meicha.
Batov, bara,
tamid itcha.
Flash Gordon, Flash

Ahuvatcha nechtefet
El i-ben-kochavim.
Ani kuli nirgeshet
Mipachad hagvohim.
Ata kofetz umezanek.
Oti - (otah) - shuv mechabek.
Flash Gordon, Flash

Kawl yom ani ro'ah becha
Olam shel dimyonot.
Kawl yom ani rotza otcha
Iti bachalomot.
La'uf itcha - kmo mal'achim.
Lihyot itcha - ba'ananim.
Flash Gordon, Flash

Among the clouds I saw you
With your head raised high.
And only you I wanted
For me, out of everyone.
Brave, proud - and not a coward.
Fighting in the fire and the smoke.

Flash Gordon, Flash
A really wonderful story.
When you lose - I cry.
When you soar - I'm so happy.
Through the good and the bad,
I'm always with you.
Flash Gordon, Flash

Your love is kidnapped
To an island among the clouds.
I was all upset
From fear of heights.
You jump and leap
And again embrace me - (her).
Flash Gordon, Flash

Every day I see in you
A world of fantasies.
Every day I want you to be
With me in dreams.
To fly with you - like angels.
To be with you - in the clouds.
Flash Gordon, Flash


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LYRICS Bezalel Aloni
MUSIC Bezalel Aloni
SINGER Ofra Haza
CD Al Ahavot Shelanu (About Our Loves)  Track 5
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Song words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York  
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