Elinor, at yafah k'mo mal'ach
ufanaich yaidu kach
bil'adaich lo shaveh li kol haolam
Elinor, ani po levad yoshev
ve'alaich rak choshev
leshanot et hamazal at muchrachah

Eli, hitachzavti kashot
lo yashanti leilot
od tashuvi elai
venamshich kach yachdav
el otam hayamim - aforim uvrudim.
Eli, sheli at le'ad
v'ani po levad
yoshev veatzuv
levad vekauv
choshev al otam hayamim shechalfu.

amok amok,
ufitom matsati bach
chalomi lihyot itach
na'arah ko metukah Elinor.
ze sipur
shel ahava me'achzevet,
ahava ko koevet
shehasof tsarich lihyot inshalla tov.

Chorus x2

leshanot et hamazal at muchrachah!
Elinor, you are pretty like an angel
and your face proves it so,
without you the whole world's not worth it for me.
Elinor, i'm here sitting alone,
thinking only of you,
you must change the fate!

Eli, i was very disappointed,
didn't sleep many nights,
you may still return to me
and we'll continue together,
to those gray and pink days.
Eli, you're mine forever,
here i am all alone,
sitting and sad,
alone and hurt,
thinking of the days that went by.

Deep, deep,
and suddenly in you
I found my dream of being with you.
Such a sweet girl you are, Elinor.
And this is the story
of disappointed love,
Such a hurtful love,
that it should - with G-d's help - end well.

Chorus x2

You must change the fate!



Hebrew words

MUSIC Greek folk
HEBREW LYRICS  Jackie Makeitan
SINGER Zohar Argov
CD Elinor   Track 1
CD Ethnic & Eyal Golan Live  Track 1
CD Jacky Mekaiten Greatest Hits Part 1  Track 7
Also sung by Carmella Gross & Avner, Shimi Tavori, Eran Tsur

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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