Dvash v'chalav avi yaldati
Avi yaldati, meiharamot.
V'shir chadash b'tal birkati
Asher ahavti lashir b'kol.

Tzatz harimon, gam hat'eina
Et kol pirya natna hayom.
B'simlat sheish erkom shuleha
Ur'vid mizahav im yahalom.

Rak al teilchi lakramim l'vadeich.
Ki chamdu shualim et piryeich
U'm'chablim b'chashai b'karbeich.
Rak al teilchi l'vadech baleilot.
Sham orev haz'ev bamchilot
Umamtin v'einav bo'arot.

Min haGil'ad hatzon lach avi.
Sukkah lach akim mikaf tamar.
Umei b'er esh'av b'chadi
Avi yaldati meirosh hahar.
Zer shoshanim luktu sham bagai.
Avi b'vadai im kawl v'radai.
Gam hachita bashla b'ita
Uvikurim b'tzeil shita.

Honey and milk I'll bring, my girl.
I'll bring, my girl, from the heights.
And a new song, with blessed dew
Which I've loved to sing aloud.

The pomegranate tree has blossomed, as has the fig
All her fruit, she's given us today.
I'll embroider the edges of a fine linen dress
And make you a necklace of gold with a diamond.

Only - don't go to the vineyards alone.
For the foxes lust after your fruit
And silently do harm as you approach.
Only - don't walk alone at night.
The wolf lurks there in the burrows
And waits, his eyes burning.

From the Gil'ad I'll bring you sheep.
I'll raise a sukkah for you from palm leaves.
And well water I'll draw into my pitcher.
I'll bring it, my girl, from the top of the mountain.
A garland of lilies were gathered there in the valley.
I'll surely bring them with all my roses.
Also the wheat has ripened in its season
And the first fruits of the year, in the acacia's shade.


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LYRICS Avraham Levi
MUSIC Yehuda Badichi
SINGER Shlishiyat El Ninyo
DANCE VIDEO Demonstrated by Eileen Weinstock
Courtesy of the Israeli Dance Institute, New York City
Words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York
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