Ha'erev yored alai ofek bo'er,
ruchot batzameret hirtitu,
va'anu saviv lam'durah nesapar
al ish hapalmach ushmo Dudu:

Itanu halach bamas'a hamifrach,
itanu sier hu bag'vul,
bekumzitz haya mezamer ve'od ech,
itanu sachav min halul...

Higishu finjan vehigidu:
hayesh od palmachnik kmo Dudu?

Haytah lo blourit mekurzelet se'ar
haytah lo bat tschok be'einaim
ve'et hakipohu bnot ad tsavar -
tsachak hu ad lev hashamaim.

Ech haleil hurdah min halev lo yachalof -
et ogen bachoshech charak,
hu yeled nasa min hayam el hachof,
litef et lechi'av veshatak.

Chashvu az hachevreh: avud hu,
le'an hitgalgalta ya Dudu?

Vehineh hazeks ba ba'erev echad,
zarach az yare'ach shel kayitz,
veDudu chibek et hasatan shebayad,
vecheresh yatsanu baleil...

Im shachar heveinu oto min hakrav.
Hab'rosh tsamerto at hirkin.
rak mi sheshachal et hatov bera'av
otanu yachol lehavin...

Re'i, na amru vehigidu:
Haod mechayech hu sham, Dudu?...

The evening sets upone me the horizon burns,
winds made the tree-top tremble,
and we will tell around the bonfire
of the Man of the Palmach, his name is Dudu:

With us he walked on the disputed journey,
with us he surveyed the border,
in the "kumzitz" he would make melodies, and how!
with us he'd "pinch" from the hen-roost...

They'd serve Finjan and say:
is there still a Palmachnik like Dudu?

He had a hairstyle of frizzy hair,
he had a smile in his eyes
and time off-duty: girls up to the neck -
he laughed up to the heart of the sky.

As the night was brought down, it won't pass from the heart -
he creaked in darkness relying on time,
he carried a child from the sea to the shore,
fondle his cheeks and he was calm.

The boys though: he's lost,
where did you roll off to, oh Dudu?

and behold the "zeks" comes one evening,
the moon of summer shined,
and Dude embraced the satan at hand,
and we secretly went out at night...

At dawn we brough him from the battle.
the top of the cypress slowly bowed down
only he who lost the good in his harm,
can understand us...

Behold, they said and told:
does he still laugh over there, Dudu?



Hebrew words

Dedicated to the memory of Vera Levin z"l, who loved and treasured this song.

LYRICS Chaim Chefer
MUSIC Alexander Urieh Bouskovits
SINGERS Various including:
Arik Lavi, Shimon Yisraeli, Arik Einstein, Yaffa Yarkonia, Shoshana Damari
CDs Arik Einstein:
Good Old Eretz Israel Vol.1   Track 3
Shoshana Damari:
The Best Of Shoshana Damari  Track 13
Shimon Israeli
Just An Ordinary Day Disk 2  Track 15

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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