K'shehayinu yaldot
az hayu lanu sodot
vehayinu az ratzot umesachkot
vehayinu ne'arot,
mitlachshot umechaychot
ve'avarnu yachad et kol hakitot.

O o o
at chaverah tovah
O o o
At iti kshetov o ra
O o o
at chaverah tovah
va'ani mitkasheret elaich.

Medabrot sha'ot shlemot,
al banim ve'al banot
va'al kol hakavanot hanistarot
vekonot b'chanuyot
bigdei yam ustam shtuyot
veholchot lemesibot lehofa'ot.

Lady hayit tamid,
haneshamah ha'amitit,
hayechida shenish'arah iti k'vuah.
hitchalfu ha'ahavot
venish'arnu chaverot,
beganon, baveit hasefer, batzava
vehatelefon shelach mispar achat
umitkasheret, kshemargishah levad.

O o o...

Ix, mix, drix,
emet o chovah,
sod kamus leparah ulesus,
ksherachavnu im oto tipus
shehikarnu babar
hoi kamah zman avar,
az lo hayah davar
rak at va'ani neshamah.

Simu lev, ani kor'im li
ee zee harafrit hayechidah
ein af achat od milvadi.


When were were girls
back then we had secrets
and we'd run and play
and we were young ladies,
whisper together and smile
and we passed all the grades together.

O o o
you're a good friend
O o o
you're with me when it's good or bad
O o o
you're a good friend
and i'm calling you.

We talk for whole hours,
about guys and girls,
and about all the hidden wants,
and we shop in stores
for switsuits or just nonsense
and we go to parties and shows.

You were always a lady,
a true soul,
the only one that stayed the same with me,
the loves passed,
and we stayed friends,
in preschool, school, army
and your phone's number one
and I call, when I feel alone.

O o o...

Ix, mix, drix,
truth or dare,
hidden secret to a cow and a horse,
when we rode with the same clamber
when we met in the wild field
oh how much time passed,
back then there was not a thing
just you and I, (my) soul.

Pay attention, they call me:
whuuut a one of a kind "harafrit"
there's no other aside from me.

Hebrew words

LYRIC Kobi Oz and Ayelet Zilka Freinta
Sarit Hadad

Words transliterated and transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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