Kol gufi nechlash

Tipa achar tipa

Umar'i kachash

Min hasreifa

Lama liv'or levad?


Yadai chomkot mimcha

Umastirot hasod

Rak hamabat itcha

Soref bi od

Lama liv'or levad halaila?


Koll laila hu mach'ov

Kol laila hu hasof

Az bo venagen oti

Bo venagen oti

Az bo venagen

Bo venagen bi me'at ahava


Raglai holchot mimcha

Betza'ar hapreida

Noshemet et kulcha

Ach avuda

Lama liv'or levad?

Kvar ayefa

Kach le'abed otcha

Kol laila

My whole body has weakened

Drop after drop

And my appearance has thinned

From the fire

Why burn alone?


My hands slip away from you

And hide the secret

Just a look from you

Burns me still

Why burn alone tonight?


Every night is pain

Every night is the end

So come and play me

Come and play me

So come and play

Come and play on me, a little love


My feet walk away from you

With the sorrow of the farewell

I'm breathing in all of you -

But I'm lost

Why burn alone?

I'm already tired

To lose you this way

Every night


* The word “play” here (lenagen) is as in
   playing a musical instrument.

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Ofra Haza


Ofra Haza

SINGER Ofra Haza z''l   1986

Yamim Nishbarim (Broken Days)   Track 2

Song words translated and transliterated by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
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