Hu hayah ben parvar*

Chai be'oni veshar

Lasimcha, labriut

La'ahavah, lapashtut, kawl hayom.

Hi chaytah bemerchak rav

Mimkom megurav

Hi chaytah bamerchak.

Umigavoha hibitah, hibitah eilav.


Vehu shar la -

Et libo ve'et kol mach'ovav.

Et chalamo, et chalomah, she'ahav, ahav.

Vehu shar la -

Al tihiyi k'tzipor bagvahim.

Al tihiyi sham bein ananim rechokim.


Hi yashvah letzido

Vehaytah ketzilo.

Hu ahav mabatah

Velo mash mitzidah le'olam.

Mikitah lechitah,

Mishanah leshanah,

Nadedu badrachim.

Ushneihem ohavim, bodedim.


Hi nistah -

Et avihah lekarev el libo.

El olamo, el yom-yomo,

Velashav, lashav.

Hu nisah -

Et beito lehavi el beitah.

El olamah, el yom-yomah -



Kach yamim veleilot

Rak hu la vehi lo

Babdidut, batzinah.

Bake'ev bakin'ah - levadam.

Yom echad hu halach

Velo shav ki shachach -

Velo shav ki shachach -

Et shiro, et chayav, she'azav.


Hu amar la -

Lo nuchal lehamshich kach yoter.

Shuvi habaitah, shuvi habaitah,

Shuvi el mekomech.

Hu amar la -

Lo nuchal lehamshich kach yoter.

Hisha'ari sham - ani el ha'oni chozer.


Hi nistah -

Et beita lekarev el libo

El olamo, el yom-yomo -


He was from the poor side of town*

He lived in poverty and he sang

For joy, for health,

For love, for simplicity, all day long.

She lived a great distance away

From where he lived.

She lived in the distance.

And from high up she looked, looked towards him.


And he sang to her -

His heart and all of his pain.

His dream, and her dream, which he loved, he loved.

And he sang to her -

Don't be like a bird in the heights.

Don't be there among distant clouds.


She sat by his side

And was like his shadow.

He loved her glance

And never left her side.

From class to class,

From year to year,

They wandered on the roads.

And the two loved each other, isolated.


She tried -

To bring her father close to his heart.

To his world, to his everyday life -

But in vain, in vain.

He tried -

To bring his home to hers.

To her world, to her everyday life -

But in vain.


This way, days and nights, they had only each other

He was hers, she was his.

In isolation, in cold,

In pain, in envy - by themselves alone.

One day he left

And didn't return, because he had forgotten -

Didn't return, because he had forgotten -

His song, his life, which he had left.


He told her -

We can't go on like this any longer.

Return home, return home,

Go back to your place.

He told her -

We can't go on like this any longer.

Remain there - as for me, I return to poverty.


She tried -

To bring her home close to his heart

To his world, to his everyday life -

But in vain.


* parvar - can be translated as suburb, but here it
  means the poorer outskirts of town

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Bezalel Aloni


Henry Bratter

SINGER Ofra Haza  z"l

Chai/Bayit Cham   Disk 2  Track 6
Manginat Halev (Greatest Hits)  Disk 3  Track 10

Song words translated and transliterated by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
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