Frecha bebertzedes meshana et hmakom shela

Baseder hachadash ro'im et hachayim

Mishkafayim al chatzi panim

Oi moshavey ha'or

Bachom hazeh shel Tel Aviv


Frecha bemertzedes rak shelo yatchilu lehatzik

Motzi'a sigaria mehatik

Im hamishpat hamechudad

She'od mehadhed barosh

Eich lo yada'ati ma lilbosh lamesiba…


Shel habachur im hase'ar hatziv'oni

Haya balyan aval achshav hu retzini

Ish asakim she'achshav hu tiv'oni

Ve'ulai hu bishvili laneshama


Gam metukim hem sug shel nechama

Ratziti London vekibalti milchama

Tir'e cahver hapachad lo over

Hu rak holech uva


Frecha bemertzedes nosa'at al kvish mahir

Panasim kvuyim ve'od idiot sheme'otet

Bishvil lehazkir

Oi ma atem rotzim

Anashim mesubachim…

Ve'ata nidbak li el hayad

Kofetz misaviv

Kama se'arot al hachazeh

Bachom haze shel Tel Aviv

Oi titen li menucha

Yotzet levad velo itcha



Shel habachur……

Gam metukim...........

A tart in a Mercedes changes her spot

In the new order you see life

Glasses on half of the face

Oh the leather seats

In the heat of Tel Aviv


A tart in a Mercedes, if only they will not hassle

Takes out a cigarette from her bag

With the same sentence
sounding in her head

How I didn't know what to ware to the party….


Of the guy with the coloured hair

He was raging, now he is serious

A business man, now he is a naturist

May be he is for me, for my soul


Sweets are some kind of comfort as well

I wanted London and got war

Look friend, fear doesn't go away

It only comes and goes


A tart in a Mercedes drives on the express way

Lights off, another idiot signals

To remind

Oh what do you want
Complicated people

And you get stuck to my hand

Jumps around

A few hairs on the chest

In the heat of Tel Aviv

Oh leave me alone

I am going out without you

To the party


Of the guy……………………


Sweets are……….


Hebrew words

LYRICS Ivri Lider
MUSIC Henree
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Chagiga - Celebration  Track 2  
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Oren Ashkenazi  2004


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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