Ani omed el mul daltech
rotze linkosh halev holem
Menaseh ach klum lo metafked
kmo gur katan shemefached
Vehashachen elai yotzeh
sho'el et mi ata rotzeh
Lochesh besheket et hashem shela
ve'hu omer she'hi halcha

At hivtacht shelo telchi achshav
Nish'arti kmo ale bastav
Lo batu'ach bamerchav

At hivtacht shanim rabot shel ahava
Hivtacht aval kavta halehava
Verak ha'efer bi notar

I stand in front of your door,
I want to knock on the door, the heart beats,
I try, but nothing works,
I'm like a small cub that is scared
The neighbour comes out
and asks me who am I looking for
I whisper her name
and he says:" she has gone away"

You, you promised you will not leave now
I stayed as a leaf in autumn
Not sure, in my space

You, you promised many years of love
You promised, but the flame has gone
Only ashes stayed in me


Hebrew words

LYRICS Yaron Cohen
MUSIC Yaron Cohen and Shlomi Shabat
SINGER Shlomi Shabat
CD Love Time  Track 2


DANCE VIDEO Dance demonstrated by Avi Levy

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
Links from George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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