Al tid'ag, achery hara'ash yesh sheket
Achrey hageshem ba'a keshet be'anan
Al tid'ag

Al tid'ag, im yesh ke'ev, yesh ahava
Achrey habechi yesh tamid siba litzchok
Al tid'ag

Kulanu lif'amim ktzat bodedim
Kulanu lif'amim ktzat pochadim
Bo niten yad, velo nifchad
Lechulanu yesh tikva achat
Lecholanu ahava achat, emuna achat,
Shetishmor alenu

Al tid'ag, achrey hamilchama yavo shalom
Sofo shel kol chalom lehitgashem
Al tid'ag

Lo, al tid'ag, yeled, gam ata tihye gadol
Af pa'am lo tavin hakol
Rak tomar, yeled, al tid'ag

Don't worry, after the noise there is silence
After the rain there is a rainbow in the cloud
Don't worry

Don't worry, if there is pain, there is love
After the crying, there is always a reason to laugh
Don't worry

We are all a bit lonely, some times
We are all a bit scared, some times
Let's hold hands and not be scared
We all have one hope,
we all have one love, One faith,
that will guard us

Don't worry, after the war, peace will come
Every dream will be fulfilled at the end
Don't worry

No, don't worry, son, you will grow up too
You will never understand every thing
Just say, son, don't worry


LYRICS Gili Liber
MUSIC Gili Liber
SINGER Gaya Band
CD We Where Born To Keep On Life -
Noladnu Lehamshich Chaim - Track 1


Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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