Al tevakesh mish'alot

Ki ein kochav bachutz

Atah chaiav lehishtanot

Ve'ein lecha le'an larutz


Al techapes chalomot

Ki lo agshim otam

Ani ratziti leshanot

Livroach el hachalomot



Ve'ein li otcha

Lecha ein oti

Ve'ein lanu otanu

Hazman she'over

Zeh mah shechaser

Lehatzil otanu



Halaila ra'iti kochav

Vehu mazkir otcha

Ki hu rechok milehavin

Sheyesh sibah leha'amin

Hayiti tamid letzidcha

Kol kach ahavti

Ulai atah kazeh tamim

Shelo yodea ma'omrim


Chorus (4x)


Al tevakesh mish'alot

Ki ein kochav bachutz…

Don't ask for favours
cause there's no star outside
you must change,
and there isn't anywhere for you to run.

Don't search for dreams,
cause there's not coming true.
I wanted to change
to run away to the dream

And I don't have you,
you don't have me
and we don't have ourselves,
the time that passes
is what's missing,
to save us.

Tonight I saw a star,
and it reminds me of you
it's far from understanding
that there's a reason to believe
I was always by your side,
I loved so much.
Maybe you're so naive
that you don't know what they're saying

Chorus (4x)

Don't ask for favours
cause there's no star outside.



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yaron Cohen
MUSIC Yaron Cohen
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Rak Ahavah Tavi Ahavah - Only Love will bring Love   Track 4
Transliteration by Erik Alberts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Translation by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Spanish translation by Daniela Roitstein of Melbourne, Australia
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Spanish translation


No pidas deseos

porque no hay una estrella afuera

Es necesario que cambies

Y no tienes adónde correr


No busques sueños

porque no los voy a concretar

Traté de cambiar,

escapar hacia los sueños



Y no te tengo,

tú no me tienes a mí,

y nosotros no nos tenemos

El tiempo que pasa

es lo que nos falta

para salvarnos


Esta noche vi una estrella

Y me recuerda a ti

Porque está lejos de entender

que hay una razón para creer

Estuve siempre a tu lado

Tanto amé

Tal vez eres tan ingenuo

que no sabes lo que dicen


Estribillo (4)


No pidas deseos

porque no hay una estrella



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