Hahorim sheli nas'u lesof shavu'a,
kol hachevreh bashchunah, asinu mesibah.
Eizeh kef shel chagigah, lo rotzim lanu'ach,
hishtolelnu beteruf - asinu mah she'ba.

Kmo d'vorim bis'dei prachim,
shotim metzuf hane'urim.
Ahavnu lismo'ach, ahavnu lirkod
ahavnu be'etzem lichyot.
Ba'ir hagdolah bedirah k'tantanah,
yesh chaflah shel kol hashchunah.

Chofshi'im meshuchrarim, kmo alim baru'ach
vehaketzev mitgaber chazek umesachrer.
Tze'irim me'usharim im rosh patu'ach,
margishim bechol haguf, ech hadam over.

Kmo d'vorim...


My parents left for the weekend,
the gang is in hood, we threw a party.
What fun the party is, don't wanna rest,
we ran wildly in madness - we did what we felt like.

Like bees in flower fields,
drinking the nectar of youth.
We loved to have fun, we loved to dance
we loved living itself.
In the big city, in the small flat,
there's a party of the whole neighbourhood.

Unrestricted, liberated, like leafs in the wind,
and the rhythm overcomes, gets louder and makes dizzy.
Happy youngsters with open minds,
feel throughout the body, how the blood passes.

Like bees...

Hebrew words

LYRIC David Zigman
MUSIC Shmuel Elbaz
Sarit Hadad
Doing What I Want   Track 12

Words transliterated and transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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