Bechultsa levana vejeans kachol re'itich betoch kol hehamon
Se'ar pazur vesseret al harosh otach karati merachok
Chiyuchech shava et levavi ahavtich mimabat rishon
Li amart ata hu ahuvi eich higa'ti ad halom

Veratziti bach yoter mikulan velo pagashti bach me'az ve'ad olam
K'mo hashemesh hashoka'at el hayam kach halacht veneelamt leolam
At possa'at bemorad har'chov mebitim bach anashim ein sof
Mechapes ani rak et hatov eich emtza mi ya'azor

Mimarom tzoneach od kochav va'ani rak bach meohav
Kochavim shamayim hem einai ma assaper od yedidai

Among all the crowd I saw you in a white shirt and blue jeans
I saw your scattered hair tied up in a ribbon
Your smile captured my heart and I fell in love with you
From the first sight, you told me I am your loved one

I wanted you more than any girl I have never met one like you
And you disapeared like the sun is setting into the sea
You are walking down the street and people are looking at you
Who will help me find the good I am looking for

A star is falling down from the sky I only love you
My eyes are like stars in the sky, what else can I say my friends


LYRICS Yoav Yitzchak
MUSIC Yoav Yitzchak
SINGER Yoav Yitzchak
CD Angel Face - The Collection
Track 6 - 3rd song
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Naftali Kadosh  1997


Words ransliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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