Agadelcha Elohei kol neshamah

Ve'odecha berov pachad ve'eimah


Be'omdi toch kehalchah

Tzur leromem

Lecha ekrah ve'ekof rosh vekomah


Reki'ei rum -

Halo nata bemivtah?

Veha'aretz yesadah al belimah


Hayuchal ish chakor et sod yotzro

Umi hu Zeh berov pachad ve'eimah


Meromam Hu alei kol peh velashon

Asher hifli ve'asah kol bechochmah

Veyitgadal begoy kadosh ve'elyon

Veyitkadash shemei rabah be'almah

I will praise you, God of all souls

And I will thank you with great fear and awe


As I stand in your congregation,

Stronghold to be praised

To you I will bend the knee and bow head and body


The high heavens -
Has He not stretched them
forth with his speech?

And He founded the earth upon nothingness


Can a man investigate the secret of his Creator,

And who He is, with great fear and awe?


He is praised with every mouth and tongue

He who did wonders and did everything wisely

He will be made great with a holy, high people

May His great name be sanctified in His world.

Translator's note:
Sadnat Sh'chunat Hatikva [The Hatikva Neighborhood Theatre Workshop] was the musical and theatre group Ofra Haza began performing with as a teenager. 
She appeared on four albums as part of the Workshop before she began making solo albums. 
On Workshop albums, Ofra is sometimes the lead singer, sometimes one of the singers, and sometimes not there. 
She doesn't sing on Agadelcha but we include this in the Ofra Haza song list because of the group.

Words in Hebrew






Michael Sinvani, Shchunat Hatikva Workshop


Shchunat Hatikva Theatre Workshop   Atik Noshan Track 3

DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Israel Yakovee  1979

Song words translated and transliterated by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
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