Boi, tov achshav,
b'makom haze b'zman
m'fzar et ha'anan
venogea bach bach
ag'a kvar muchan lehitkarev
ve'ulai l'hityashev afilu!

ein li zman
ein li zman lid'chonot
mevater al hasaf'kot sheadain yesh
ma sheyesh ze hazman lehiztanot
veafilu lehanot afilu!

Lif'amim at ayumah
Lif'amim at ashmah
Ach tamid tehi yafah
gam im at m'chashefah
Come, it's good now
in this place, in this time,
i pass the cloud and touch you,
You, i'll touch
i'm ready now to get close
and maybe to settle down even!

I don't have time,
I don't have time for worries
I'm giving up on doubts that still exist,
What exists is the time to give it a try
and maybe to enjoy even!

Sometimes you're a threat,
sometimes you're the blame,
But you will always be beautiful
even if you are a witch,



Hebrew words

LYRICS Alon Olearchik
MUSIC Alon Olearchik
SINGER Alon Olearchik
CD Let's Say I'm Yours   Track 7

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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