Adoshem, Adoshem (Adonai Adonai),

El rachum v'chanun,

Erech apayim v'rav chessed ve-emet;

Notser chessed la-alafim,

Nosey avon vafesha v'chata'ah v'nakeh.


God is gracious and compassionate,

Patient and abounding in kindness and faithfulness,

Assuring love for a thousand generations,

Forgiving iniquity, transgression and sin,
And granting pardon.

(Sung 3 times)  

Translator's note:

All major Synagogue composers (Lewandowski, Naumbourg, Sulzer) have composed music for this piece.

Words transliterated and translated by Cantor Joseph Toltz of Sydney, Australia
Spanish translation by Daniela Roitstein of Melbourne, Australia
Thanks to Cantor Toltz for his helpful input to Hebrew
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Spanish translation


Adonai, Adonai,

(Dios, Dios)


Dios misericordioso y clemente,


Tardo en la ira,

magnánimo en la misericordia y en la verdad.


Mantiene la merced para miles de generaciones


perdona la iniquidad, la rebeldía y el error

y absuelve.



*versión del Majzor para Rosh Hashana y Iom Kipur de Marcos Edery y Marshall T. Meyer


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