Adama - Ani kashuva l'kolech
Adama - Tamid u'l'an she'elech
Adama - Hashvil bo esah hu shvilech
Ima Adama

Adama - Raglai m'halchot y'chefot
Adama - Panayich chamot v'otfot
Adama - Einayim chumot bi tzofot
Ima Adama

Hein bati mimech, micheikech - adama
V'at atidah l'shakech - adama
Et kol k'evai, et leilotai, et yamai
Olam umlo'o lach modeh - adama
V'anu atzei hasadeh - adama
Mimech v'eilayich,
eim kol chai, amtzini.

Adama - notenet piryah l'chulam
Adama - tova utmima l'olam
Adama - lamdi na et b'nech ha'adam
Ima Adama

Earth - I am attentive to your voice
Earth - Always and wherever I go
Earth - The path I travel on is your path
Mother Earth

Earth - My feet walk barefoot
Earth - Your face is warm, enveloping
Earth - [Your] brown eyes look at me
Mother Earth

Behold, I came from you, from your bosom - Earth
And you are made to calm - Earth - all my pains,
my nights, my days
The world and all that is in it gives thanks to you - Earth
And [also] we, the trees of the field - Earth
[are] From you and [return] to you -
Mother of all life, strengthen me

Earth - she gives her fruit to everyone
Earth - good and innocent forever
Earth - please teach your children, mankind
Mother Earth



Hebrew words

LYRICS Ehud Manor
MUSIC Yair Klinger
SINGER Ofra Haza
CD Adama (Earth) - Track 2 and
Manginat Halev (Greatest Hits) Disk 2, Track 1

Words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York
Spanish translation by Daniela Roitstein of Melbourne, Australia
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Spanish translation


Tierra - Estoy atenta a tu voz

Tierra - Siempre y donde sea que vaya

Tierra - El sendero en el que viajaré

será tu sendero

Madre Tierra


Tierra - Mis pies deambulan descalzos

Tierra - Tu cara es tibia y me envuelve

Tierra - Unos ojos marrones me miran

Madre Tierra


Vine de ti

de tu seno tierra

y tú estás destinada a calmar- tierra

todos mis dolores, mis noches, mis días

El mundo entero te agradece- tierra

Y nosotros, los árboles del campo- tierra

somos tuyos y para ti,

madre de todo lo viviente,



Tierra les da sus frutos a todos

Tierra buena e inocente por siempre

Tierra enséñales a tus hijos , los hombres

Madre Tierra


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