Lo bat lamakom hanachon
ki ani lo avir
velo bati'ach ani pirchach tza'ir
na'im lehakir

al tachniki oti kvar ein li avir
ani tzarich et hamarchav sheli
makom le'atzmi lehash'ir
kedei leshevet bestalbeet im hachaverah
af pa'am al tagidi she'at lo achat me'eleh
ki zeh bullsh*t
medaberet ba'avir

rov habanot oto davar
medaber beshem kol hag'varim
ech at metzapah
livnot me'arechet yachasim
lesachek mis'chakim
sheshneinu mafsidim
matzad echad at romezet simanim
metzad sheni
at mamtzi'ah tirutzim
zeh lo le'inyan
ani lo mtumtam
ani lo tzarich kartzi'ah
she timtzotz li et hadam
nu tov
omer lach et zeh chad vechalak
yesh od harbeh dagim bayam
zeh lo ani zot at.

Atah lo Shlomo (lo, ani lo)
An'lo achat me'elef (ken, at ken)
atah rak benadam (lo mitnase)
al tebazbez li et hazman
hayu li chalomot (achshav hem ashlayot)
lehitchaten im melech (chaval meod)
ratziti kmo kulan
avir al sus lavan...

Yo yaldonet tafsiki leha'amid panim
ani lo ma'amin kachah
at marimah yadaim bekalut
an'lo mavti'ach harim ugvahot
aval tehi betuchah ani yachol lenasot
tni li mirvachah tni li zman
rak al ta'amdi li al harosh
maspik lach'shosh
yesh li ach'rayut
aval ein mechuivot
an'lo mesachek mis'chakim
an'lo sachkan

im at rotzah ani yachol lihyot haMVP
isha bonah isha horeset
tachshevi tov lifnei shetirtzi la'azov

tachliti lifnei sheyihyeh me'uchar
al telachlechi kshe'ehyeh mukar
ma'aminah lechaverot bimkom banu, ahah
makshivah lehorim bimkom shena'aseh et shelanu
yaldonet mah ani agid lach
zeh lo holech ani ve'at gamarnu.

Chorus x3


You didn't come to the write place
because I'm not a knight
and not in plaster, I'm a young urchin
nice to know you

don't choke me anymore I don't have any air
I need my open space
to leave a place to myself
in order to sit in "stalbet" with my girlfriend
never tell me you're not one of these
because it's bullsh*t
talking in air

most girls are the same thing
I speak in the name of all guys
tell me,
how do you expect
to build a system of relationships
to play games
that both of us lose
on one side you give hints
on the other hand
you invent excuses
it's not the issue
I'm not stupid
I don't need a leech
that will suck my blood
well fine
I'm saying this sharp and smooth
there's many more fish in the sea
it's not me, it's you.

You're not (King) Solomon (no, I'm not)
I'm not one of a thousand (yes, you are)
you're just a man (I'm not bragging)
don't waste my time
I had dreams (now they're illusions)
to marry a king (great pity)
Like everyone elseI wanted
a knight on a white horse...
(come on...)

Yo girl, stop making faces
I don't believe how
you lift your hands with ease
I don't promise mountains and heights
but be sure I can try
give me space give me time
just don't stand on my head
enough apprehension
I have responsibility
but I don't have obligations
I don't play games
I'm not a player

if you want I can be the MVP
a woman builds, a woman destroys
think well before you want to leave

decide before it'll be too late
don't dirty me when I'm known
you believe your friends instead of in us, ahah
you listen to your parents instead of doing our own
girl what can I tell you
it's not gonna work, me and you (are) finished.

Chorus x3

Hebrew words

LYRIC Ze'ev Nechamah, Kaliber And Dam Cham
MUSIC Ze'ev Nechamah And Tamir Kaliski
Chayalei Hanekamah And Rinat Bar
Subaru Pesha - Track 3

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by George Jacubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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