There are many popular Israeli dances created to tunes
composed and sung by Chava Alberstein.

Here is the current list from the Israeli Dances dot com database,
which shows the incredible range of talent of this wonderful artist.

Dance Name Dance format Dance Choreographer Year Chava Alberstein is the:
Adaber Itcha Circle Naftaly Kadosh 1997 Singer
At Cheruti Circle Shlomo Maman 2000 Singer
Chiyuchim Partner Chana Levy 1990 Singer
Hi Rokedet Circle Maurice Perez 1989 Singer
Lama Bata Circle Shalom Amar 1992 Composer
Lo Tsarich Circle Levy Bar Gil 2002 Singer - Composer - Lyricist
Lo Tsarich Harbeh Partner Amnon Amram 1991 Singer - Composer - Lyricist
Machshava Tova Circle Ya'ir Harel 1996 Composer - Lyricist
Matchila Mehatchala Partner Tuvia Tishler 1991 Composer
Mayim Mipi Habe'er Circle Sefi Aviv 1992 Singer
Mayim Rabim Partner Meir Shem Tov 1991 Composer
Nachal Hataninim Partner Meir Shem Tov 1990 Singer
Pri Asur Partner Meir Amsalam 2001 Singer
Rachok Rachok Partner Gadi Bitton 1996 Composer - Lyricist
Remez Partner Meir Shem Tov 1989 Singer - Lyricist
Shalosh Ahavotay Partner Ya'ir Harel 2001 Singer
Shir Al Etz Circle Yaakov Mariyoma 1983 Singer
Shir Eres Negbi Partner Shlomo Maman 1980 Singer
Shir Megaresh Et Hachoshech Circle Roni Siman Tov 1991 Singer - Lyricist
Tov Shetzilzata Haboker Partner Roni Siman Tov 1995 Composer Lyricist

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