Va'ani lo shome'a kvar mimech yoter klum
Omer le'atzmi, harbeh zman avar
Chadashot lo tovot, at ozevet oti
V'ish im makel omer
"histakel, ze ma shenishar".

Ze ma shenishar
Rak kama rega'im
Harbeh bedimyon, me'at bachayim
Ze ma shenishar, ani madlik et ha'or
Omer le'atzmi, machar ze machar
Machar hi tachazor, ze ma shenishar.

Uve'ofen klali hakol od lo patur
Hashamayim kchulim, aval ma im hash'ar
Ha'ish shelach shuv, holech le'ibud
Lehaka metuka shara al mu'aka
Ze ma shenish'ar.

Ze ma shenish'ar
Rak kama reag'im ....

Va'ani lo rotzeh kvar me'af echad klum
Ulai tzafui be'shinui, omer hasapar
Va'ani kam umadlik et machshir hatimtum
Ro'eh arutz shel sratim, arutz shel sotim,
Ze ma shenish'ar

Ze ma shenish'ar
Rak kama rega'im....

And I no longer hear anything from you
I tell myself that much time has passed
Not good news, you are leaving me
And a man with a cane says
"look, this is what is left"

This is what is left
Only a few moments
Much in the imagination, but little in reality
This is what is left, I turn on the light
I tell myself, tomorrow is another day,
tomorrow she will return, this is what is left.

Generally everything is still unsolved
The sky is blue, but what about the rest?
Your man is getting lost again
A pleasant ensemble sings about distress
This is what is left

This is what is left
Only a few moments ...

And I no longer want anything from anyone
Perhaps change is expected, says the barber
And I get up and turn on the "boob tube"
Watching the movie channel, the unfaithful spouses channel
This is what is left

This is what is left
Only a few moments...


Hebrew words

LYRICS Shlomo Artzi
MUSIC Shlomo Artzi
SINGER Shlomo Artzi
CD Shnayim Double CD (Two)  Disk 1, Track 7


Words transliterated and translated by Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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