Amart et mar libech
vehayit li ko zara
Hayiti dai ragua gam kshe'at hayit kara
Milim kemo sakin ve'enayim esh yokdot
Sha'alti az madu'a at sovevet sviv predot

Libech hu lev shel even im si'ach letzido
Daka achat hu vered umiyad hofech oro
Ashke oto bli heref sheyifrach kol hashana
Ki hi isha ohevet va'ani shelach

Amart et mar libech
velo haya lach ma lomar
Lerega kat chashavti shehayiti lach lezar
Hiketi al kol chet
gam kshelo asiti klum
Ve'at tamid amart li sheahava hi shiamum

Libech hu lev…….

You said what was in your bitter heart,
and you were like a stranger to me
I was pretty relaxed even when you were cold
Words that feel like a knife and eyes that burn in fire
I asked you: ' why do you always go around departures"?

Your heart is a heart of stone with a bush next to it
One minute it is a rose and straight away changes its skin
I will water it without stopping so it will flower all year around
Because she is a loving woman and I am yours

You said what was in your bitter heart,
and you had nothing else to say
For one small moment I thought I turned into a stranger
I asked for forgiveness for my sins,
even when I have done nothing
You always said to me that love is boring.

Your heart is a heart........


Hebrew words

WORDS Ze'ev Nechama
MUSIC Ze'ev Nechama & Tamir Kalisky
SINGER Eyal Golan
CD Soldier of Love - Chayal Shel Ahava - Track 3



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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