Yatzanu at, kniver haya halayil,
Bamerkhakim hivlikhu ha'orot.
Ve'at hayit yafa kishtey eynaikh
Et hadma'ot hayu ban atzurot

Yilel hatan ve'at halakht lakerem,
Vedimateckh nashra kemo saraf
Ve'at zakhart et hasha'ot beterem
Yatzanu bamishol hatzar lakrav

Ve'at zakhart tzkhokenu kemo nakhal
Ve'at zakhart rikud vemapukhit
Ve'at zakhart et aremat-hashakhat
Ve'et maga yado shel hayakhid

Ve'im notart vehab'didut khoveket
Ve'at posa'at bakramim le'at -
At tekhaki al-ken kol-kakh besheket
Nifradnu vekhiyaknu bemabat

We went out slowly - The night was pale
In the distances the lights immersed.
And you were beautiful like your two eyes,
When tears where looked in them.

The jackals wept and you went to the vineyard,
And your tear dropped like resin,
And you remembered the hours before,
We went on the narrow path to the battle.

And you remembered our laughs like a stream,
And you remembered a melody and harmonica,
And you remembered the pile of hay
And the tough of the hand of the only one

And if you remained and the loneliness embraces,
And you are walking slowly in the vineyards,
You will wait, therefore so quietly,
We separated and gazed at each other smiling.

Hebrew words

German translation

LYRICS Chaim Hefer
MUSIC David Zahavi

Yaffa Yarkoni, Esther Ofarim, Shlomo Artzi

CD also Arik Einstein on the CD
Eretz Yisrael Hayeshana Vehatova (Good Old Eretz Israel)  Track 6

Words sent in by Marcos R. Roca of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Links and Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon LeZion, Israel
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Italian translation

Pallida notte, lui partì con noi,

le tremolanti stelle di lassù.

Un paio d'occhi belli, quelli tuoi,

fermavi il pianto, e non veniva giù.

Poi, tra le viti, sopra il colle, in cima,

cadde una stilla e il volto ti rigò,

ti ricordasti quei momenti prima

che insieme agli altri in guerra se n'andò.


Ti ricordasti il fiume, il riso gaio,

ti ricordasti il ballo col tenor,

ti ricordasti, soli nel pagliaio,

il tocco della mano dell'amor.


E se la solitudine attanaglia

va' silenziosa tra le viti e

quando ritornerà dalla battaglia,

quel paio d'occhi riderà con te.

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