Al hachof itach pose’a galim shel metzulot
Tvi’ot raglenu nishtafot layam
Tni lo gam lishtof otanu mikol hata’u’yot
Shelo neda lariv od le’olam

Ki itach ani rotze et hashamayim
Ve’itach ani o’hev kachol shel yam
Kshe’eshma betzedef yam et tfilotayich
Achabek lema’anech ani kayam

Mechake larega’im she’at noga’at
Lishko’ach et hara ve’et hamar
Melatef umekave she’at shoma’at
Eich libi holem berega me’ushar

Histakli eich ba’okyanos tzafot hata’u’yot
Zugot tamid chipsu kan ahava
Gam otam shatfu hamayim mikol ha’ashlayot
Le’olam hem lo yedu od achzava

Ki itach.........

On the shore I walk with you.
Our footprints wash to the sea
Let it wash us from all the mistakes
So we will never know to argue again.

Because, with you I want the sky
With you I love the blue of the sea.
When I will hear, in a sea shell, your prayers
I will hold you, I only exist for you.

I wait for the moments you touch
To forget the bad and the bitter
I caress you and hope you hear
How my heart beats at that happy moment

Look how the mistakes float in the ocean
Couples always looked for love here
Also for them, the water rinsed away all false illusions.
They will never know disappointment again

Because, with you I want the sky.............

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LYRICS Ze'ev Nechama
MUSIC Ze'ev Nechama and Tamir Kalisky
SINGER Eyal Golan
CD's Take A Look at Me  (Histakli Elai)   Track 5
Eyal Golan / Ethnix Live   Track 7


DANCE VIDEO Demonstrated by Avi Perez and Karen Kaplan

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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