Bevait katan sham biktze hamoshav

Ben atzey habrosh notzetz lo kochav
Ani veat sham matzanu mistor
Ach otanu gilu velakchu otach, or.
Yalda sheli kashe li, or,
Lakchu li otach veli ko afor
Libi kmo hara'am ein barak be'enay
Zocher otach tamid bechol machshevotay.

Yaldati sheli anu od nipagesh
Rak al ze cholem velibi mitragesh
Yom ze  od yagia shabat tachazor
Elokim yafia tachzri kvar, or.

Ktana sheli oti al tishkechi
Ohev otach ani bi at tivtechi
Rotz lada'at lehechan otach lakchu
Ani avich, biti, zot hem shachechu
Gozal sheli at machmad eini
Alayich elachem bechol kochi venishmati
Chaki li veavo misham otach lakachat
Anu nitahev shuv venihe beyachad.

Yaldati sheli......

The edge of the village, in a small house, a star sparkles among the cypress trees,
You and I found a hiding place, but they found us and took you away, my light.
My little girl, it is so hard for me, they took you away and I feel so bad,
My heart is like a thunder, no light in my eyes, but you are always in my thoughts.

My little girl we will meet again, my heart is so excited, this is what I dream about,
The day will come soon, G-D will surprise me and you will return.

My little girl don't forget me, I love you, please trust me,
I want to know where they have taken you, I am your dad, although they forgot it.
My little baby, you are the apple of my eyes
I will fight over you with all my strength and with all my heart,
Wait for me I will come to take you away from there,
We will love again and will stay together.


The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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