Machar ulai nizke lirot
Bishkot chevley ha'aretz
Vechol tfilot libenu
Ye'anu bishmey marom  

Machar shuv lo yih'ye
Gvulenu oferet
Veliyladenu od norig shalom

Machar yih'yu yoter prachim
Machar nashuv lihyot achim
Nelech baderech hatova
Nich'ye be'ahava

Machar nashir al hardofim
Machar yih'ye yoter yafim
Uchmo tfila hashir yushar
Ulai ulai machar

Machar vadai nih'ye le'am
Echad bote'ach
Vechol asher ka'avnu po
Shuv lo yih'ye lashav  

Machar yih'ye betenu
Gan chayim pore'ach
Va'atidenu bo
Nivneh beyachad

Machar yihyu yoter prachim....

Maybe tomorrow we'll live to see
Our country's pain fading away
And all our hearts' prayers
being answered in heaven

Tomorrow our border
Will no longer be full with lead
And our children will inherit peace

Tomorrow there'll be more flowers
Tomorrow we'll be brothers again
We'll be on the right path
We will live in love  

Tomorrow we'll sing about the oleanders
Tomorrow we'll be more beautiful people
And the song will be sung like a prayer
Maybe maybe tomorrow

Tomorrow we'll become a nation
A confident nation
And everything that's hurt us
Won't be in vain anymore.

Tomorrow our home will be
A flowering garden of life
And our future there
we'll build together.

Tomorrow there will be more flowers.........


Hebrew words

LYRICS Shayke Faikov
MUSIC Shayke Faikov
SINGER Lahakat Pikud Darom / Israela Kriboshe
CD Eretz Shenohav   Disc 1  Track 22


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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