Im tzlil metar shemitnagen ani choshev alayich
Margish kama sheze atzuv lihyot kan biladayich

Lu rak hayit po hakol haya acheret
Etzli kvar klum lo muvan etzli balev yesh sedek

Tiri oti kmo meturaf sherak rotze elayich
O ulai rak bachur iver shemdamyen lo et panayich

Veze kashe ksheat po lo overet
Al tomri li shaet lechan kvar lo chozeret
Lo al tevatri kabli oti elayich

Ki kol yom sheba veholech hu netzch biladayich
Tiri oti kmo yeled shekoev lo
Chabki oti ani kvar mitmotet po
Bechol yom sheba veholech ani shuv kore elayich

Mekave shetimtzei li makom ben zroíotayich
Tedi shekan yachol lihyot acheret
Al tevatri alai tomri she'at chozeret

With the sound of a string I think about you
Feels how sad it is to be here without you

If only you were here it would be different
I donít understand anything any more, there is a crack in my heart

Look at me I am like a mad man that wants only you
Or may be a blind guy that imagines your face

And it is hard you no longer come here
Donít tell me you are not coming back
Donít give up take me back

Because each day that comes and goes is eternity without you
Look at me I am like a child that is hurting
Hug me I am going to collapse
Each day that comes and goes I call for you

Hoping you will find a place in your arms
I can be different donít give me up
Tell me you are coming back


Hebrew words


Yaron Cohen


Yaron Cohen


Eyal Golan

CD Tslil Meitar - Sound of String   Track 5


Yom Tov Ochayon  2001



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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