Lo chayim lanetzach, ki,
hanetzach lo kayam ted'i
Livney adam yesh metzukot
vehen kol kach gdolot

Mi yasim otach etzli
mi yasim oti etzlech
Mi yashke otanu
bizman hatzima'on

Balayla techapsi kochav
im zeh oved lo yihyi levad
Al tishtani, al titchanfi,
le'af echa bayom

Kansi elai letoch hadam,
zot ahava veze lo mushlam
Takshivi li ani tzo'ek po,
eizeh tzima'on

Kvar yomayim
metim michom - veshiga'on
Mi arev shehake'ev yachlof
Kvar yomayim
ani met michom - ein pitaron
Mi arev shehaze'ev yachtof

Shuv shovrim et hashigra,
be'eretz mele'at tigra
Ormrim ra'u otanu
mechapsim be'or ne'on
Et hasfina asher avda
et ha'afsut hametuka
Et hanshika shehitraska la,
eizeh tzima'on

Kvar yomayim……..

Lo chayim lanetzach ki,
hanetzach lo kayam ted'i
Ha'etz nofel, hasher kamel
nish'ar rak zikaron

Optimiut yesh rak bamizrach,
bama'arav ein kol chadash
Rak mi yashke otanu
bizman hatzima'on

Kvar yomayim……..

We don't live forever,
you should know that forever does not exist
People have distresses
that are so big

Who will put you with me
and who will put me with you
Who will give us a drink
in our time of thirst?

You will look for a star at night,
if it works you will not be alone
Don't change, don't suck up
to any one during the day

Get into my blood,
it is love, it is not perfect
Listen to me I am screaming:
" what a thirst"

It's been two days already
and we are "dying" from heat and madness
Who guarantees the pain will go away
For two days
I am "dying" from heat, and there is no solution
Who guarantees the wolf will kidnap?

Again, we break the routine,
in a country full of quarrel,
They say they saw us
under the neon light,
Looking for the lost ship,
looking for the sweet nothing,
Looking for the kiss that crashed,
what a thirst!

It's been two days already..........

We don't live forever,
you should know that forever does not exist
The tree falls down, the song withered
only memories remain

Only in the East there is optimism,
in the West nothing is new
So who will give us a drink
when we are thirsty?

It's been two days already..........

Translators note:
(The "thirst" Shlomo Artzi is referring to is passion
the "wolf" is the man with passion )

LYRICS Shlomo Artzi
MUSIC Shlomo Artzi
SINGER Shlomo Artzi



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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