Toda la'el she'en bi nekama
Toda la'el shero'a lo shochen bi

Toda shelo hilchu alai ema
Ve'im asiti ra ani chozer bi

Toda la'el sheyesh bi retzonot
livnot olam shetov yoter lichyot bo

Lid'og le'eled rach ulekavot
she'af echad af paam lo ifga bo

Lo noter tina leish acher
Hu megayes et kol kochot ha'ahava
Yesh lo neshama bli tzel shel nekama
Lechayim yafim al pne'i ha'adama

Toda la'el sheli natat otach ahavatech
tishmor alai veal betenu

Veyachad nelaked velo nishkach
lidog gam ladorot sheacharenu

Lo noter....

Zman over ve'at galgal chozer
hamilchamot horsot kan kol chelka tova

Tnu la'ahava hehachyot et hatikva
lechayim yafim al pney ha'adama

Lo note....
Zman over.....

Thank God I don't have revenge,
no evil resides in me

No one threatens me
and if I did a bad thing I take it all back.

Thank God I have the will
to build a better world to live in

Worry about a young child and hope
that nothing will ever hurt him

I don't hold grudges for no one
(he gathers all the powers of love)

I have a soul without a shadow of revenge
for better life on earth.

Thank God that gave you to me your love
will guard our home and me

Together we will stand and will not forget
to make sure all is well for the next generations.

I don't hold grudges..........

Time goes by and you repeat your self
(the wars destroy every good piece)

Let love revive hope
for better life on earth.

I don't hold grudges..........
Time goes by...........


Hebrew words

LYRICS Ze'ev Nechama
MUSIC  Ze'ev Nechama / Tamir Kaliski
SINGER Eyal Golan
CD Histakli Elai - Take A Look At Me   Track 7
The words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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