Etz hatzaftzafa makriach mul shlulit shkufa
Stav yisraeli mul hachalon sheli
Geshem pitomi mevi oti el toch atzmi
Omrim she'hashana tihyeh batzoret

Aval ani bati min hakayitz
Kmo mitoch tvusa, bati el hachoref
Bati betisa, higati bimnusa

<pizmon, twice>
Hu she'hivtiach li choref cham
Lo yekayem le'olam

Ruach nichnesa letoch bgadim al chut kvisa
Stav yisraeli bamirpasot muli
Geshem lifrakim nitaz al pnei shtilim rakim
Gshamim pzurim yordim bechol ha'aretz

Aval ani shuv matzati bayit
Etz betoch gina, eretz beshalechet
Ir kol kach ktana, uchlum lo hishtana

<pizmon, twice>
Hu she'hivtiach ...

The poplar tree is becoming bare, opposite a clear puddle
The Israeli autumn is facing my window
A sudden rainfall brings me to myself
They say that this year there will be a drought

But I came from the summer
Like from defeat, I came to the winter
I came from flight [flying], arrived in flight [fleeing]

<chorus, twice>
Whoever promised me a warm winter
Will never fulfill it

Wind enters the clothes hanging on the clothesline
The Israeli autumn is on the balconies facing me
Sometimes rain splashes on tender seedlings
Scattered showers are falling all over the land

But I have found a home again
A tree in the garden, a land in autumn
A city so small, and nothing has changed

<chorus, twice>


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LYRICS Yaakov Gilad
MUSIC Tzuf Philosof
SINGER Gali Atari
CD Mid September -Track 7

Shimon Asor  1991


Words sent in by Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Hebrew pdf copyright © 2003 Larry Denenberg
of Newton, Massachusetts, USA
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