Kshehofa’ata bechayai
kshenashakta bisfatai
Lo yada’ati et shimcha

Erev kayitz shekava
hithalachta levadcha
Becholtzat pishtan bluya

Sodcha sodcha sodcha
Pney hayeled shel libcha

Sodcha sodcha sodcha
Sfat ha’etzev shel gufcha

El habayit ha’erom
asafticha keyatom
Kenitzol sfina trufa

Besiftey hadam shelcha
roch yadcah ha’anuga
Pri ha’ahava nivra


Barga’im hanechba’im
et rakut ha’ohavim
Bi rakamta binshima

Im tachzor beleil sufa
bechultzat pishtan bluya
Od achake lecha


Eich nichye
Eich nichye bli ahava

When you showed up in my life,
when you kissed my lips
I didn’t know your name

It was a summer evening that was dimming
you walked alone
In a worn linen shirt

Your secret - your secret - your secret
is your heart’s baby face

Your secret.....
is your body’s sad language

into the naked house
I took you like an orphan
Like a survivor from a wrecked ship

Your blood lips,
your gentle hand
The fruit of love was created

Your secret.....

In the hidden moments
you embroided in me
The tenderness of lovers

If you come back in a stormy night
In a worn linen shirt
I will wait for you

Your secret.....

How will we live
How will we live with no love

LYRICS Cabral / morals
(Hebrew lyrics Eitan Nachmias)
MUSIC Cabral / morals
(original Spanish songwriters)
CD Open The Window (Tiftach Chalon)



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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