Zot agada, ze stam sipur
badui shel mishehu
Stami umta'ate'a
Hine ani ratzui vene'ehav
hine at kala nechsheket
Shuv ani zar veshoneh,
ve'at ma at choshevet

Mi tziva alayich lehafsik lashir
Mi kara ta'anafim hamitnas'im
Pish'i hayachid ahavati lach
Hahitmakrut lemi she'at

Hakol ke'ilu, ke'ilu amiti,
ke'ilu shelanu
Hahimaltut shel hanefesh milehodot
Shehine ani shaku'a bedimyon
Hine at shuv lo muvenet
Kasha pit'om lehishtanot,
ve'at le'an at holechet

Mi tziva……

It is a fairytale,
just a fabricated story,
vague and deceiving
There is me, wanted and loved,
there are you a desired bride
And then I am a stranger and different,
and you - What are you thinking?

Who commanded you to stop singing?
Who tore the branches on top of the trees?
My only crime is my love to you
The only addiction is to who you are.

Every thing is as if, as if it is true,
as if it is ours
The soul escaping rather than to admit
There am I sunk in imagination
And there are you, again I can't understand you,
It is hard suddenly to change,
And you, and are you going to?

Who commanded..........

LYRICS Amir Benayun
MUSIC Amir Benayun
SINGER Amir Benayun
From the CD "Shalechet"



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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