Hu lo yachzor veat mevina
kvar ein lach siba lehamshich livkot
Hu lo yachzor veat lo yalda
kvar higia hazman lehafsik lechakot

Ein lach siba lehamshich livkot
higia hazman lehafsik lechakot
Yesh lach kol vegitara az shiri

Shir megaresh et hachoshech balayla - hey ho -
Shir mechazek et halev beyamim kashim

Al tahafchi et haetzev lebayit
al titmakri laga'aguim
Kumi utzi haolam lefanayich
hu yechaber lach shirim acherim
Al titmakri laga'aguim hu yechaber lach shirim acherim

Yesh lach kol……

Ha'ahava mehsotetet baderech
tzoania shehalcha leibud
Yesh la sear tzeva shemesh boeret
at tezahi ota bekalut
tzoania shehalcha leibud at tezahi ota bekalut

yesh lach kol…….

Al ta'atzri ota tni la lalechet
ikvi achareha lean shetelech
Lechi achareha lechi achareha
hi ta'akof michsholim bishvilech
Lechi achareha lean shetelech hi ta'akof michsholim bishvilech

Yesh lach kol…..

Hi telamed otach hi tegale lach
tavini et sfat hatziporim
Ma shekara lach uma sheikre lach
at tilmedi lahafoch leshirim
tavini et sfat hatziporim at tilmedi lahafoch leshirim

yesh lach kol…..

He won't come back and you understand
That there is no reason to keep on crying
He won't come back and you're not a child any more
The time has come to stop waiting

He won't come back and you're not a child any more
The time has come to stop waiting
You have a voice and a guitar so sing

A song chases away the darkness in the night
a song makes the heart stronger in difficult days

Don't make sadness your home
don't get addicted to longings
Get up and out the world is in front of you
it will write other songs for you



Love wanders around like a gypsy that lost her way
Her hair is the colour of the burning sun
You will be able to identify it

Don't stop her - let her go
Follow her wherever she goes
Follow her, follow he,
She will by-pass the obstacles for you

It will teach you it will reveal to you,
you will understand the language of the birds
What ever happened to you what ever will happen to you
You will turn into songs


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LYRICS Chava Alberstein
SINGER Chava Alberstein
CD Ha'ahava Me'alteret - Improvised Love    Track 3



Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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