Shir al re'I al ke'ev habsora
Shiru al cherev giborim
Ka'arayot lachamu bigvura
Derech hem kalu minsharim
Al Yonatan asher li hu ke'ach
Ahavati minashim
Al tevasru ki betoch ir ukrach
Gil ta'alozna bnot plishtim

Tavo klala al rosh ha'ar al rosh ha'ar
Tal lo yered gam lo matar gam lo matar
Al mot re'i hatov

Al haslaim al avney madregot
Cheresh shochvim lahem achai
Shemesh karneha ovrot achronot
Cheresh lotfot dimot panai
Enai ahdolkot keshalhevet haner
Ner ha'boer esh tamid
Tzar li alecha achi Yehonatan
Kmo shvuato shel David

Tavo klala....

Kmo gam Shul uchmo bno Yehonatan
Lahat ha'esh shel yom kasheh
Sham gam nafal ben timrot he'ashan
Al haGilboa gam Moshe
Shvil she'over ve'adom hu midam
Elef dorot veshanim
Gam im hakrav od lo tam od lo tam
Lo yilmeduhu banim

A song about my friend about the pain in announcing
Sing about hero's  sword
They fought like lions
Lighter than eagles
About Jonathan who was like a brother to me
I loved him more than women
Don't announce it because in every city
The Philistine girls will rejoice

A curse will come on the head of the mountain
Dew will not fall there, nor will rain
Because of my friend's death

On the rocks and the stones
Lie my brothers
The sun beams
will pat the tears on my face

My eyes are lit like the candle flame
A candle that always burns
I feel sorry for you my brother Jonathan
Like David's vows

A curse will come on the head of the mountain......

Like King Saul and his son Jonathan

The burning fire, a hard day
There between the smoke
Fell on Mount Gilboa - Moshe
A path red from blood
From thousands of generations and years
Even if the battle is not finished yet
The children will not learn.


Translator's note:
The song was written about Moshe Stampler, one of the highest ranking officers
to fall in an an army operation at the time the song was written.
The words resemble how David spoke about Jonathan (Kinat David)

LYRICS Dan Biran
MUSIC Chaim Agmon
SINGERS Hagevatron
CD Shirim Le'orech Haderech - Songs For Along the Way 1988  Track 11

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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