Ata metayel levadcha sham ba'ir.
Metayel levadcha ve'oti lo makir.
Ayef uvaishan, ken, chayal ko akshan.
Nu, az ma im amarti mila le'acher?
Nu, az ma im amarti, ulai tevater?
Ulai, ulai tevater?!...

Ata mitakesh la'azov et hakol.
Ata mitakesh lachazor el hachol.
Lachazor el kulam - eizeh gever akshan.
Ulai tenashek vetir'eh kama tov,
Ulai tenashek ve'al na ta'azov,
Al ta'azov...

Rak ten li yad, bo lanu'ach.
Ten li yad, bo lishko'ach.
Ten li, ten li yad, ahuv, uvli livro'ach.
Ten li yad b'li lada'at
Ma yihiye machar im pa'am
Od tashuv elai ... Shuv elai ...

Ve'ata od mabit bi, mabit veshotek.
Ulai kvar tish'al mi mishneinu tzodek.
Ata oh ani - oh, tzochek almoni.
Tov atzor ki haderech mimcha lo tivrach.
Tov, az lech beshalom, ve'oti al tishkach.
Oti, oti al tishkach.

You walk alone there in the city.
Walk alone, and me you don't recognize.
Tired and shy, yes, such a stubborn soldier.
Well, so what if I said a word to another man?
Well, and what if I said, maybe you'll give in?
Maybe, maybe you'll give in?!...

You insist on leaving everything.
You insist on returning to the sand.
To return to everyone - what a stubborn man.
Perhaps you'll kiss and see how good it is.
Perhaps you'll kiss - and please don't leave.
Don't leave...

Just give me your hand, come to rest.
Give me your hand, come to forget.
Give me, give me a hand, my love, without running away.
Give me your hand without knowing
What will happen tomorrow, if some time
You'll yet return to me ... Come back to me ...

You still look at me, look and are silent.
Perhaps you'll ask already, which of the two of us is right?
You or I - oh, an unknown man laughs.
Alright, stop, because the road won't run away from you.
Alright, then go in peace, and don't forget me.
Don't forget me...


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Hebrew text from songbook: Ofra Haza, Shirim

LYRICS Bezalel Aloni
MUSIC Amir FroIlich
SINGER Ofra Haza  z"l
CD's Al Ahavot Shelanu (About Our Loves)  Track 10

Manginat Halev/Greatest Hits   Disk 1, Track 9  

Words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
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