Tzlilei chalil el hacholot shel hamidbar hayah shole'ach
litef hu et gufah harach vehasufah tarfah hakol
chadal lihyot kmo hacholot ani rotzeh otach kmo sel'a
az hivti'ach lo lindod shuv kmo hachol.

Ksheharuchot oto litfu be'oz achaz bemot ha'ohel
oznav atam hu lo lishmo'a lo linshom klal et hatzlil
atah navad lachash midbar atah nikvar be'ohel tzar
vehakvasim pa'u bawadi kmo chalil.

Ho ho ho ho ho kol kore lindod lindod
Ho ho ho ho ho kol kore lindod lindod

Uchshepartzu hashitfonot shachach et kol mah shehivti'ach
el hatzlilim shel hachalil hoshit yadaim basufah
bimchol teruf biknei hasuf nischaf shikor kmo chol baru'ach
gam has'laim parsu knafaim kmo anafah.

Uchshechazar shuv al suso leha'amik et mot ha'ohel
al hayeri'ot hi bechutim uvetz'vaim milim rakmah
baruch shuvcha boged echoz heitev bemot ha'ohel
ki gam oti sufah nodedet sachfah.

He would send out sounds of flute to the sands of the desert
he fondled her tender body and the storm ravaged it all
it ceased to be like the sands, I want you like a rock
he then promised not to wander again like the sand.

When the winds fondled him strongly he grasped the pole of the tent
he sealed his ears not to hear or breathe the sound at all
you're a nomad the desert whisppered, you are to be buried in a narrow tent
and the sheep were bleating in the wadi like a flute.

Ho ho ho ho ho a voice calls to wander, wander
Ho ho ho ho ho a voice calls to wander, wander

And when the floods bursted he forgot all that he had promised
in the storm he stretch his hands towards the sounds of the flute
in a dance of madness in the stems of reed, swept the drunk like sand in the wind
even the rocks spread their wings like a heron.

And when he come back again on his horse to put deeper the pole of the tent
on the tent-cloths she embroidered in strings and colours words
welcome back traitor, grasp the pole of the tent well
for the wandering storm has also swept me.



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yitzhak Weingarten
MUSIC Yitzhak Klapter
SINGER David Broza
CD The Best of David Broza   2-CD set  Track 3

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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