Shir hashir kole'ach
Hu mitlake'ach kalehava
Shir ha'or zoreach
Hu gam pore'ach ba'ahava
Shir na'im roge'a
Lalev noge'a umitragesh
Shir silsul vakesem
Ve'et ha'etzev hu megaresh

Chorus (twice)
Shiri li tizmoret
Betof umeitarim
Le'olam nohav et hashirm

Shir nogen shir eres
Im redet erev kshe'or kave
Shir yotze laderech
Ve'et hahelech hu melave

Chorus (twice)

Shir yashan mipa'am
Mashir bi ta'am shel yayin tov
Shir chadash baruach
Sochef beko'ach et harechov

Chorus (twice)

Song, a flowing song
Rising like a flame
Song, a twinkling light
It flowers with love
Song, pleasant and calm
Touches and excites the heart
Song; trill and magic
Chases away the sorrow

Chorus (twice)
Sing for me, band

With drums and strings
We will love the songs forever

Song. Plays a lullaby
When twighlight comes the light turns off
Song, going on its way
Accompanies the wayfarer

Chorus (twice)

A song from old times

Leaves a taste of good wine
A few songs in the wind
With strength that captures the whole street

Chorus (twice)



MUSIC Amos Barzel
LYRICS Nisan Fridman
SINGERS Lahakat Shir
DANCE DEMONSTATION VIDEO Dance demonstrated by Israel Shiker

Transliteration and translation by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne Australia
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