Rov hazman ani tarud tohe im at beseder

Rechoka mimeni az ani lach doeg
Ani ko meushar ksheat nimtzet iti bacheder
Rotze lifrot lach al metar lashir lach shir toda
Lishtey yadayich, ken leyadayich shelitfu et panay bechom
Lishtey yadayich, ken leyadayich shegershu et hatza'ar hayom.

Rat at, rak at, kol hashvilim baolam movilim elayich
Bizchotech, bizchotech, tipasti mibor shel atzvut letoch chayayich.
Rak at.

Rov hazman ani tarud tohe im at beseder
At kehergelech shoteket od ani doeg
Ani kmo al anan ksheat nosheket li baseter
Rotze bishtey yadai latet lach et kol haolam
Ki enayich, enayich, shehibitu bi beroch
Ki enayich, enayich, ydau ech oti limshoch

Rak at....



Most of the time I am troubled, wondering if you are fine,
You are far away from me, I am concerned about you,
I am so happy when you are with me in the room
I want to play you a song on a string - to thank you
For your two hands that fondled my face, that chased the sorrow today.

Only you, only you, all the roads in the world lead to you,
Because of you I climbed from a sadness pit into your life,
Only you.

Most of the time I am troubled, wondering if you are fine,
You keep quite like you always do, but I am still concerned,
I am on  a cloud, when you kiss me
I want to give you the whole world with my two hands
Because your eyes, your eyes, that looked at me softly
Your two eyes knew how to attract me to you.

Only you.....


SINGER Amir Benayun
LYRICS Amir Benayun
MUSIC Amir Benayun

The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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