Achshav bein Yad Chana leven TulKarem hashchena
Muazin lochem berosh misgad gavo'ah

Layla levada me'achorey zchuchit kveda
Meshotet aval e efshar lishmo'a

Layla baradio ulai hi koret li
Ani od zocher sade bo'er vedofek milema'ala

Chom ba'enayim pit'om ani kam bli af chaver
Cheder lavan alai soger, choshech halayla

Layla, layla, Layla, layla,
Layla, layla, Layla, layla,

Radio Ramalla layla velayla
Ze kola hamelachshesh
mekashkesh vekovesh 1965
Metashtesh oti

Radio Ramalla layla velayla
Yom yavo nipagesh nizacher nitragesh
Eich haya be 65 layla layla

Vekacha ani mefasfes efsharuyot
Medamyen et ma shehaya
ve'et ma shehaya yachol lihyot

Zichronot mit'arbevim bega'agu'im
Vesorfim kmo milach al haptza'im

Ra'ash mechona
bein sde mokshim lisde kutna
Mefale'ach eit hakesher shebenenu

Layla lo one, aval od yesh bi emuna
Elohim gadol hu betach letzidenu

Layla baradio,
ulai ya'ane li
Ani mechapes ota ve'en klum al haskala

Radio shoteket, radio transistor menagen
Lu rak yacholti letalfen el layla halayla

Layla, layla, Layla, layla,
Layla, layla, Layla, layla,

Radio Ramalla layla velayla ...

Now, between Yad Chana and the neighbouring TulKarem
A Muazin is fighting from the top of the Mosque

Layla is alone, behind heavy glass
I try to tune in but can't hear

Layla is in the radio, may be she calls me
I still remember a burning field and the beat from above

I feel the heat in my eyes, and suddenly I wake up without a friend
A white room closes on me, it is dark tonight

Layla tonight Layla tonight
Layla tonight Layla tonight

Radio Ramalla Layla and night
It is her whispering voice,
chatterbox, wins me over, 1965
I feel blurred

Radio Ramalla Layla and night
One day we will meet, will remember and get excited
How it was in 65, Layla Layla

And so, I miss opportunities
I imagine what was
and what could have been

Memories blend with longings
And they burn, like salt on the wounds

I hear a machine
between a mine field and cotton field
Slices the connection between us

Layla is not answering but I still hope
God is great, he is probably on our side

Layla is on radio,
may be he will answer my prayers
I try to look for her but can't tune the radio

Layla keeps quite, a portable radio is playing
I wish I could ring Layla tonight

Layla tonight Layla tonight.....
Layla tonight Layla tonight.....

Radio Ramalla Layla and night


Translator's note:
The background to this song:
When singer/songwriter Yehuda Poliker was in the army in Israel in the 1960's,
the only radio station that played English and world music was radio Ramalla.
The song also has a play on words: Layla means 'night' in Hebrew, but in Arabic it is a girl's name.

LYRICS Yehuda Poliker
MUSIC Yehuda Poliker
SINGER Yehuda Poliker
CD Live at Caesaria  Track 6


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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