Kmo nitzan boke'a regev
Kach higa'ata la'olam
Meraked al har hasegev
Vetzochek po al kulam
Min tipus kaze sameach
Lo shama al ha'atzvut
Menagen belev botea'ch umabsut

E efshar litzok afilu
E efshar lomar mila
Ki prachim kamocha Erez
Yoter kvar lo neda
E efshar lishtok afilu
E efshar lilchosh tfila
Ki prachim kamocha Erez
Lo neda

Ahavucha bnot hachemed
Ahavucha hachayim
Shebagdu becha oh yeled
Uvechol ha'ohavim
Ech efshar lichtov alecha
Ma bichlal nishar lomar
Sheba'aretz hamuvtachat
Gam bochim pirchey habar

E efshar......

Like a sapling the goes through the clod of earth
This is how you arrived into the world
Dancing on a high mountain
and laughing at every body

A happy type of guy
never heard about sadness

Plays with conviction and is happy

We can not even shout
we can not say a word

Because flowers like you Erez
we'll never know again

We can not keep quiet
we can not whisper a prayer

Because flowers like you Erez
we'll never know again

Girls have loved you
life loved you

Life that betrayed you, son,
and betrayed all the lovers

How can I write about you
what can I say

That in this promised land
even wild flowers cry

We can not even shout.....


LYRICS Shaike Paikov
MUSIC Shaike Paikov

Transliteration and translation by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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