Perach li natata mipirchey hagan

Perach li natata kshehyinu yachad kan

Ata va'ani no'adnu lihyot yachad

Ani yoda'at she'ata bi me'ohav


Perach lach natati, lach ahuvati

Perach lach natati amok minishmati

At va'ani noadnu lihyot yachdav

Ani yoda'at she'ata bi me'ohav


Ein shum davar asher yafrid benenu le'olam

Ahavatenu chazaka migeshem, ru'ach veyam

Bo'i venikshor et goralenu letamid

He'avar avar veyesh lanu atid


Haprachim navlu veha'ahava parcha

Parcha la min haken, avda la im hazman

Uchshenisinu lehavin ketzad, madu'a ule'an

Hevanu sheha'ahava hi kmo perach min hagan


Ein shum davar……….

You gave me a flower from the garden's flowers

You gave me a flower when we were here together

You and I were destined to be together

I know you are in love with me  

I gave you a flower, to you my love
I gave you a flower, from deep within my soul
You and I were destined to be together
I know you are in love with me

There is nothing that will separate us

Our love is stronger from the rain, wind and sea

Let's tie our destiny for ever

The past is gone, we have a future


The flowers died and the love blossomed

It flew out of the nest, it got lost with time

When we tried to understand how, why and where to,

We understood that love is like a flower from the garden.

There is nothing.......


Hebrew words

LYRICS Chagit Kalish
MUSIC Shmuel Elbaz
SINGER Yinon & Chagit Kalish


DANCE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Demonstrated by Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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