At chashavt shenitzalt
sheha’esek nigmar
Sheshilamt al hakol,

Ve’achshav hu chozer
sho’el ma nishma

Ve’at shuv margisha kmo tinoket

At o’hevet oto, at shelo letamid
Aval hu, mi yode’a shel mi hu
Techaychi ksheyagid lach
et ma sheyagid
Ksheyelech hadma’ot kvar yagi’u

Hu omer shehakol efshari
umavti’ach et ma shetzarich
Leshanot, letaken, rak tagidi lo ken

Vehu shuv yechabe et ha’or
Shuv yivrach veyishkach lachazor
Uvoker echad at takumi
pit’om ayefa midma’ot umislicha

Hu yishma et kol ma sheshatakt
ad hayom
Kshetomri lo: “lo ohevet otcha”
Hu yagid she’at lo mevina
yevakesh hizdamnut achrona

Im tirtzi yitchanen rak tagidi lo ken
Yishava shetamid hu yohav
she’at lo yechola biladav

Hu omer…..

Tishme’i bekolo,
shuv tivki biglalo
O sheken o shelo

You thought you were saved,
that it is all finished
That you paid a heavy price
for every thing

Now he is back,
asks "what’s new"

And again you feel like a baby

You love him, you are his for ever
But him, who knows who he belongs to
You will smile when he will tell you
what he has to say
When he will leave, tears will arrive

He says that every thing is possible
He promises what he has to promise
To change, to fix, just say yes

He will switch off the light,
run away and forget to come back
One morning you will wake up
Tired from tears and forgiving

He will hear what you held inside
so far
When you tell him you don’t love him any more
He will tell you, you don’t understand,
will ask for another chance

He will bag if you ask him to, just say yes
He will vow he will always love you
That you can’t do without him

He says that every thing is possible......

Listen to him
and you will cry again because of him
May be yes may be not


LYRICS Irit Linor
MUSIC Rami Kleinstein
CD Open The Window (Tiftach Chalon)
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Avi Perez & Yankele Ziv 1999



Transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia
with assistance from Prof. Richard Beigel
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