Kol chayai ata hayita li more et haderech bechasdecha erheta li
Ha'emet shelcha tamid etzeli balev gam im lifamim ze nechlash
Lo eshkach otcha lo eshkach otcha le'olam tani'm li darkecha

Menase litz'od bli lim'od shenit gam im lifamim kashe ktzat bishvili
Betoch yam shel pituy shoche ani ach dmutcha lemuli
Lechazek oti velishmor alai lechaven milmala et chayai

Rak al tifga beshum adam gam lo be'atzmecha vehishamer tamid al nafshecha
Ligrom gam nachat ve'hamon simch le'ohavecha
Ve'al tomar no'ash ve'al tishkach emunatcha ha'el yishmor alecha im tamshich
Livdok et tze'adecha bevadai tish'al vegam tavin

Halevai ubvo hayom yed'u kulam ktzat al tom ve'al emet po ba'olam
Al adon marom shochen shamayim al ahava bishnayim

All my life you were my teacher with your grace you showed me the way
I keep your truth in my heart even when some times I am weaker
I will not forget you I will always follow your way

Trying to walk with out falling again, some times it is hard
I swim in a sea of temptations but keep you in front of my eyes
To make me stronger guard me and show me the way

Don't hurt any one including your self always guard your self
To give only happiness to your loved ones
Don't give up and don't forget your faith
God will guard you if you continue to check your self
Your will ask and you will be answered

I wish the one day every one will know a bit about innocence and truth
And about God


LYRICS Amir Ben Ayun
MUSIC Amir Ben Ayun
SINGER Amir Ben Ayun



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by

Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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