At nitzavt kimsumeret,
ufanayich hamumot
Kshedarachti lelo tzorech
al makom ragish me’od

Vehirgashti et hadofek
shemach’iv lach baraka
Velibi yatza elayich
kshe’ibadeti shlita

Lo yacholti lehakshiv lach
lo hayiti mesugal
Lo shamati ma amart li,
ma amart li im bichlal

Ukechol shehitnatakt
hit’akashti lehamshich
Venischafti vehosafti
veyada’ati, lo tzarich

Veratziti lehagid lach,
dai kvar, dai kvar ze machuk
Aval at nitakt mimeni
kmo poshe’a min hachok

Lo yacholti…..

Ve’achar kach kshehevanti
vehirgashti meguchach
Kvar hayta dmama muchletet,
veda’agti lach kol kach

Bamakom she’at nimtzet,
tenasi rak leta’er
Eich ani achshav omer lach:
“mitzta’er, ken mitzta’er”

You stood like you are nailed,
your face shocked
When, unnecessarily,
I stepped on a very sensitive spot,

And I felt the heart beat
that hurt your temple
And my heart went out to you,
when I lost control

I couldn’t listen to you,
I wasn’t able to
I didn’t hear what you told me,
if there was something you said at all

The more you moved away,
I was stubborn and kept on
I did more, I was swept away,
I knew, I shouldn’t have done it

And I wanted to tell you,
it’s enough, it is finished
But you detached from me
like a criminal from the law

I couldn’t listen................

At the end when I understood,
I felt funny
There was a complete silence,
and I worried about you

From where you are now,
just try to visulise
How I now say to you:
“sorry, yes I am sorry”

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DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Naftali Kadosh  1991



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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